reflection on job shadowing project

I learned lot from my job shadowing at century 21 affiliated office. I learned a lot of what I need to know to pursue a career as a real-estate agent. I found out that I need to pass an exam in order to obtain a real-estate license. I think I did  great job on my overall presentation. I was proud of the fact that I was able to create a great project in only like an hour time. What I would have done differently was be more descriptive and do my project on time. What I think I will do differently that I saw a lot in many presentations is I will make more eye contact and add more pictures and more likely make my presentation not so plain. I know that I can make my presentation a little more decorative and add mire pictures.I wish I would have been more descriptive. If I could present my presentation again I would not sway back and forth and also try to make more eye contact and not look so much on the PowerPoint and read of it .also I would try to slow down how fast I was going through my project and speaking . I  believe that’s what kind of messed d me up when I was speaking. The easiest part of the presentation was actually doing the project because it was basically one sentence slides on what you learned and how you felt. The hardest part of the presentation was not the presenting part but it was actually make sure that you weren’t going to fast because you would end before the time limit. Now that I reflected on my job shadowing PowerPoint project I saw what I did wrong and have now thought of how I can improve on those things so when I have another project where I have to get up and speak in front of a class I can do a better job. overall I think I did a decent job but there is always room to improve.

how people behave on Friday the 13th.

On Friday the 13th different people have different ways to act on this day .Some people act very cautious and try their hardest to avoid things that they believe causes bad luck. Also some take it to extreme and don’t leave the house and don’t do anything on that day. Other just don’t even know that the day is Friday the 13th and just live there day like any other.then some people absolutely love the day because it gives them an excuse to have a party and have hour long scary movie marathons that are usually on every channel Friday the the end of the day people take this day in very different ways. What do you do on Friday the 13th.

black history month-michael strahan

this is a picture on who I believe is the best defensive end I believe in the history of the national football league. This is man who has pushed through adversity his whole life and proved people who thought he couldn’t do it wrong. He is a person who doesn’t listen to people who say bad things about him. He embraces his imperfections like his gap in his teeth. unlike most people that would fix it after people making fun of it he kept the gap and made it almost  thing that people remember him by. Michael Strahan is a guy that has worked hard for every thing and is a great role model for anyone.

Advise for future students

Well my second year in high school is almost over and it has gone by so fast and I have learned a ton of stuff about high school. first you have to keep up with all of your school work because “once you dig yourself in a hole its hard to dig your way out” or at least that’s what teachers tell me. second you shouldn’t just worry about what people think about you just be you ,people are always going to have something to say negative just don’t let it get to you. Next be involved there is so much to do in high school there is always something to do. lastly the best way to succeed in high school is to just listen to what your teachers have to say because they are your teacher for a reason they know so much so just listen to them and good things will come.

job shadowing

So last week I did my first every job shadowing and I learned a experience was not  as bad as it seemed I thought it was going to be boring and uninteresting but it turned out to be interesting and kind of fun. I needed up job shadowing my moms boss who is a real estate agent. the experience was not hard at all it was actually pretty easy and I was not overwhelmed at all. I actually learned lot about a career that I would love to have and it was very beneficial. if I could have done something different I would have done job shadowing earlier except a few days before the deadline. All in all I had a great experience that was beneficial to me learning what I wanted to do a few years from know.

First impressions

in my English class we read the Shakespeare play the 12th night. there was one character that at first thought you would think they were dumb and just going to be a silly character that character was the fool. When you first hear of this character your first impression is well of course they act like a fool. But as you get deeper into the play you find out the fool is the smartest most witty character in the play. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it. when you compare the movie and play it helps you really see for your self how witty the fool is and the way he seems to know everything that goes around in the town. There are countless times where he makes people who you believe re generally smart in the play look as dumb as a rock when he talks with them. All in all my first impression the character the fool were completely wrong.

meet alex

Hi my name is Alex, I am 15 years old. I like to play video games hang out with friends and play sports. My favorite sports are football, volleyball, basketball and soccer. My favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and the LA Clippers. When I’m done with high school I would like to attend Clemson university.

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